The principals at MD Willer & Co. has been involved in over 50 equity capital transactions across both public and private entities. From private placements of common stock to brokered transactions with various preferred structures, MD Willer & Co. will curtail the offering to meet the needs of the Company. Leveraging decades of relationships, the firm will design a go to market plan to efficiently execute upon an equity capital raise. By partnering with a boutique firm, our clients truly are our partners. This one on one relationship reduces costs, go to market timelines, and stress. We work with efficient securities lawyers, licensed broker dealers, and auditors to deliver a comprehensive team within often tight budgets. The firm specializes in lower and mid-market organizations across all industries with considerable strength in North American markets. Please contact us to see how we can be of assistance in your proposed offering.


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MD Willer & Co focuses on a limited number of high-touch client engagements across a diverse subset of clients. The firm is largely industry agnostic and prefers to work in areas where the size and challenges of the organization represent a good fit for all parties involved. MD Willer & Co typically partners with clients that range from startup to $100mm in annual revenue. Specific interest and considerationis given to organizations that are newly public, or are pursuing a path to becoming a listed issuer on a major North American Exchange.