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    About Us

    Matt’s Cash was founded by a lifelong entrepreneur who has been both a business owner and an investment banker. Matt’s Cash was inspired by an experience Matt had in his own business during the financial crisis in 2007-2009. Having his bank loans called, private lenders say no, and now here to turn, Matt received help from a private lender that saved his business and allowed him to be where he is today. Matt talks to everyone, listens to all, and understands most.

    “We provide Same Day Term Sheets”


    Small Business Financing

    Merchant Cash Advances

    Debt and Equity Funding

    Fast Small Business Loans Made Easy

    Matt’s Cash specializes in helping small businesses get the funding they need. Increasingly it has become more challenging for small businesses to get loans from traditional sources due to increased criteria and documentation. Matt’s cash provides small business lending alternatives that can address a business’s funding needs quickly and immediately. Whether it’s a loan, a merchant cash advance, or an alternative small business funding product, Matt’s Cash is prepared to address any small business financing needs fairly and promptly. Matt’s Cash is able to assist businesses in all 50 states regardless of their size. Whether your business needs $20,000 or $500,000 or more, we stand ready to help you get the funding to take your business to the next level or provide that bridge during challenging times. Most of our small business financing products are very flexible as well. We can deal with all levels of credit, revenue, challenges, as we have seen it all and they typically do not pose a challenge for our funding team.

    Small business loans do not have to be a time consuming, painful experience. Our easy small business loan process is simple, fast, and quick so that you can focus on your business rather than spending countless hours gathering documentation and waiting to hear back. Once the information we request is provided, we typically have the ability to generate a small business financing term sheet within 24 hours and we can fund shortly thereafter depending on your required timeline. Best of all, there is no risk to see what you qualify for. With a simple submission to Matt’s Cash, you can see our offer very quickly, and you can decide if our small business funding solution is right for you. We encourage all small business owners to contact us for their need of fast small business loans as we are able to assist in almost every challenging circumstance. Simply fill out our online form and one of our highly trained representatives will be there to guide you through the quick process and make it completely hassle-free.

    Get Funded

    Matt has a busy schedule and so do you. Fill out the form and Matt will get back to you quickly and setup a quick call or zoommeeting. If Matt can help, he may get you a term sheet the same day and fund shortly thereafter. Matt doesn’t waste time with tons of red tape and paperwork, so fill out the form today and talk to the nicest lender you have aver met.